Do you want to be well prepared for outdoor rock climbing, or be stronger climber? Our indoor climbing courses are here to help you stay in best shape and gain even more power and climbing technique.


This course is for beginners and also for advanced climbers. In this course we will learn you all important rope technics and specifics technics of climbing. We will teach you how to make a nothow to belayhow to rappel down. We also do individiul or group training. After our courses you can go alone to the climbing gym and climb there without instructor.

You should visit this course before your first rock climbing.



What we do in the gym?:

  • Teaching beginners all climbing technics.

  • Training for everybody.

  • Teaching how to climb better.

  • Teaching how to use climbing material.

  • Children climbing.

Locality: Gyms in Usti nad Labem county

Price: 15 EUR per hour

Price include: climbing equipments, instructors

Price do not include: transport, insurance, gym entry

Book at least 2 weeks before the course.

If you are interest of this course contact us by email, or phone. Contact here.

Fast contacts

Mgr. Ondra Beneš                                 Tel: +420 724846179


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